DIY Climbing Wall for Kids

I have pinned so many things on Pinterest over the years. I’ve successfully tried some of them, but a lot of pins are ones I was saving for the future or just wishful thinking. The DIY climbing wall for kids falls into that category and my husband (and Dad) made it happen!

Our home was built in the 1960s, so we’ve slowly been updating things each year. We knew we wanted the pool deck fencing replaced, but as conversations moved forward, I realized we could do a lot more with the space.

I remembered a few pins I had saved on Pinterest to my ‘House’ board and we brought it to life. We had some trees removed below our deck and we put down mulch. Then we discussed the layout for the fencing and where the openings would go for the climbing wall, the slide, and the steps. We got our supplies together, finalized our measurements, and went to work!

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diy climbing wall for kids

Questions To Ask Before Getting Started

  • What type of slant should the climbing wall have?
  • How long and wide should the climbing wall be?
  • Where will I place the climbing holds?
  • What supplies will I need?
diy climbing wall layout


Next up- we gathered our supplies list. The DIY climbing wall for kids really doesn’t take much if you already have basic tools and equipment to work with. Also- we chose these climbing holds on Amazon based off of reviews and we loved them!

diy climbing wall structure

Step-By-Step Process

  1. Measure the angle and height you want the climbing wall to be and purchase boards accordingly. You will need boards for the face of the climbing wall, as well as, studs to support the climbing wall on the outer edges and the middle (if wider that 6ft).
  2. Cut boards to match measurements (measure twice – cut once).
  3. Lay out the studs parallel and align the boards. Drive the deck screws into the boards (2 per board), securing them to the studs. (We chose to assemble the wall before installing it to the deck, but you could also attach the studs to the deck first).
  4. Place the climbing wall at the desired angle to the deck and secure with deck screws (could have started in step 3).
  5. Stain/paint boards if desired.
  6. Before securing the climbing holds to the wall, lay them out to get a better idea of how you want to place them.
  7. Refer to the instructions included with your kit when attaching the holds. Make sure you have a drill bit that matches the diameter of the fasteners for the climbing holds and wrench/racket to tighten the fasteners. (Hardware was included with our kit).
diy climbing wall holds

The kids have loved playing on the climbing wall. At ages 2 and 4, I know they will enjoy it for years to come. And, the slide was a huge hit too! It was SO hard for me to find a slide last year, as most of them were out of stock. I was getting so frustrated until one day my friend told me a lady in her neighborhood had posted one for free! I immediately went to look and it was the perfect length for what we needed. It needed a good cleaning (and had a few scuffs), but it saved us a ton of money! I am so grateful to her.

deck railing

Since it’s quite rare to come across a free slide, I researched a few from Wayfair. All of these options are currently priced at under $200:

Also- we purchased our Vista Deck Railing System from The Home Depot. We have received several compliments on it. My husband worked so hard last year and was able to install it himself (with a little help from me, lol). It looks great and I love that we chose this one.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck creating your own DIY climbing wall for kids!

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