CRZ YOGA Activewear: The Best Lululemon Dupe

I pretty much live in activewear, so of course I am always looking for the best brands (and prices). I first came across CRZ Yoga when looking for shorts on Amazon. Several reviews mentioned that they were a Lululemon dupe, so I gave them a try and I loved them!

Then, the other day, I came across a shirt from CRZ Yoga and it hit me- why have I not looked into more of their stuff?! So I went to their Amazon store and picked out several items, including tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, sports bras, jackets, shorts, leggings, and joggers. And today- I am sharing them all with you 🙂

Before we get into the outfits, I want to make sure you know a few things.

First- I would agree they are a pretty great comparison to Lululemon, but they are not spot on. You gotta remember that a dupe is a dupe for a reason. With that being said, I would definitely purchase some of these items over Lulu because it’s cheaper and I really like them.

Second- pay attention to my sizing because it’s a split between small and medium. Lastly- my comments are pretty basic, so if you have more questions just send me a message!

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Amazon Activewear – Lululemon Dupe

lululemon dupe purple tank and black shorts

Purple Tank Top (small) – High neck, tie back, love the color.

Black Shorts (medium) – My go-to shorts! Held up so well over the last couple years, multiple colors and lengths, fit is perfect.

lululemon dupe tank and shorts

Blue Tank Top (small) – This is not a top I usually go for but I love it! It is SO soft and feels really good on. Built in bra and ribbed detail, click link for closer look and more colors.

White Shorts (medium) – Same shorts, different color. I think I have 4 pair, lol.

lululemon dupe fitted tank and leggings
close up activewear

Black Longline Sports Bra (small) – Same soft feel as the tank top above with ribbed detail. Hoping to get the green or pink color when in stock. (Note- medium was way too big- I could possibly even get away with extra small).

Black Leggings 21 inch (medium) – Nice leggings, very soft and flattering. Not as much compression as some others I have, so just depends on what style you like.

lululemon dupe black tight workout clothes
lululemon dupe close up

Racerback Crop Tank Top (medium) – Super cute fitted crop tank with built-in bra!

Black Leggings 21 inch (medium)

lululemon dupe built in bra tank

Heather Tank Top (small) – Love this one! Definitely a keeper. Strappy back, built-in bra, and perfect fit.

Black Leggings 21 inch (medium)

lululemon dupe long torso

Slim Fit Workout Tank (medium) – This is a very cute top (love the design), but it’s very long torso, even for me. Would consider a small, but I think the fit might be too tight.

Black Leggings 21 inch (medium)

lululemon dupe flowy tank
twist top

Loose Fit Gray Tank (small) – I didn’t think I liked this tank at first, but then it kinda grew on me. It’s flowy and you could tie in a small knot if you want. It also looks great with the shorts below.

Black Leggings 21 inch (medium)

lululemon dupe biker shorts
tummy control lululemon dupe

Loose Fit Gray Tank (small)

Compression Shorts 6 inch (medium) – I feel like everyone is talking compression shorts these days and apparently 6 inch is the way to go! I’ve decided to give them a shot 🙂

lululemon dupe long sleeve
lululemon dupe joggers

Lightweight Green Workout Top (medium) – Simple, loose fit, long-sleeve top. Feels good on.

Lined Black Joggers (medium) – Love these joggers! I still like my other black joggers, but these are lined with a double layer for the winter!

lululemon dupe winter wear

Slim Fit Fuchsia Top (medium) – This is a great top, but if you have the original from Lululemon, it doesn’t compare. The main difference is in the sleeves, just doesn’t feel as soft and thin.

Lined Black Joggers (medium)

lululemon dupe jacket
lululemon dupe fleecelined

Full Zip Jacket (medium) – Nice jacket, very fitted. It’s a little snug, but I feel the same about the ones from Lululemon.

Lined Black Joggers (medium)

To wrap things up, I would say if you live in activewear like I do, CRZ Yoga has some great items for you to try out. If you are looking for a good Lululemon dupe, I would definitely recommend giving them a shot and seeing what you like.

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