How To Make A Kids Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to serve up some snacks for your kids, look no further than this kids charcuterie board! This kid-friendly version is packed with all sorts of deliciousness, from fruits and veggies to crackers and cheese. It’s the perfect way to get kids to try new things and eat their veggies!

kid-friendly charcuterie board

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What Is A Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board?

A kid-friendly charcuterie board is a fun and interactive way to get children excited about trying new foods. For some reason, if food is presented in a unique way, kids are much more interested in eating it!

When I first put this board together, I was shocked by how fast the kids gobbled it up. They didn’t just go for the sweet treats either. They wanted to try everything on the board (well almost everything). The presentation was new and inviting and they were excited to eat from it.

Similar to a regular charcuterie board, you want to put together a board that is vibrant, full of bold colors, unusual textures and shapes, healthy fruits and vegetables, crunchy nuts, savory meats, creamy cheeses, and snacks of all kinds. The only difference is making sure the items are simple for kids.

How To Assemble A Kids Charcuterie Board

Creating a charcuterie board for kids can be a fun and easy activity that everyone can enjoy. I like to think in terms of food categories and then start by choosing a couple items for each category.

  • Protein (eggs, nuts, turkey) 2 items
  • Cheese 1-2 items
  • Fruits 2 items
  • Veggies 2 items
  • Snacks (crackers, popcorn, chips) 2-3 items
  • Sweets 1-2 items
  • Dips/Sauces (hummus, peanut butter, ranch) 1-2 items

Once you have everything gathered up it’s time to start assembling! Different shapes and sizes make for an eye-catching presentation so arrange your items in an interesting way. You might want to cut the cheese into fun shapes, or design a rose out of salami.

Try using platters of different heights to create dimension or mix up textures with crunchy and soft bites. Finally, add products with bright colors such as jelly beans or candy-coated almonds for some zing- then it’s all ready for your family to enjoy!

Let The Kids Help Make A Fun Charcuterie Board

Making a charcuterie board is a great way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen. It’s like a puzzle- figuring out where to arrange all the delicious meats, cheese, breads, fruits and nuts. The kids can really have fun choosing what to put on the board. Let them go wild – it will give them great freedom to show off their creative side. At the end of it all, you’ll have something truly special that you’ve made together that everyone can enjoy.

You can also choose to surprise them with a fun charcuterie board, perhaps after school. My kids seem to have the biggest appetite in the hour or so leading up to dinner. Why not let them have fun and snack on a few healthy choices before their meal.

how to build a kids charcuterie board

Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Items

There are a multitude of kid-friendly charcuterie items that make up a great, nutritious snack. From slices of cheese and colorful fruits to whole wheat crackers and veggies like celery and carrots, putting together a tasty charcuterie board is simple and enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • rolled deli meat, chicken nuggets, pb&j ‘sushi’, assorted nuts, hard-boiled eggs
  • cheese cubes, cheese shapes, string cheese, mini babybel cheese, thick shredded cheese
  • strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, grapes, pears, mango
  • carrots, cucumber, celery, peppers, tomatoes, pickles, olives
  • crackers, pretzels, chips, bread, popcorn, veggie straws, goldfish, trail mix
  • gummy bears, m&ms, jelly beans, Hershey kisses, starburst
  • hummus, ranch, peanut butter, jelly, salsa
kids snacking

Charcuterie Board Tips & Tricks For Kids

  1. Cut cheese into small shapes using cookie cutters. This will make the board more appealing to children and add a fun element of surprise. It will also encourage them to try new foods. And don’t forget to add some interesting crackers, too!
  2. Choose a large rimmed tray. This will help contain all of the ingredients, especially if you are making your board with smaller hands in mind. Also, it will help reduce any slipping or sliding items from falling off the board.
  3. Use fun containers for small items and dips. Think mason jars, mini bowls, or even a muffin tin! This not only adds some visual appeal to the board but also serves as an exciting way to serve up little snacks like hummus or peanut butter.
  4. Add mini utensils for spreads and dips. Kids will love the opportunity to have their own little spoon or spreader. And remember that small utensils make it easier for kids to scoop up and serve items of different shapes and sizes.
  5. Serve small amounts of the sweet treats. Kids will be tempted to try all the sweets, so it’s best to limit these items. A charcuterie board is about balance and moderation, so serve a few small pieces of candy or chocolate as part of the board.
  6. Don’t make a big deal out of new foods being served. Try to introduce the foods in a playful, fun way. You can even give them funny names or pair them with something that your child enjoys. This will make trying new flavors more enjoyable and help encourage kids to explore different food options.

Themed Charcuterie Board Ideas For Kids

Choosing what to add to your kid-friendly charcuterie board will vary for everyone. It can be a simple board with snacks your kids like, along with a few new things to try. Or you can get really creative with a themed charcuterie board.

Think about the child’s favorite animals, cartoons, or movies for inspiration. Design a board with an ocean theme by using fish-shaped crackers, pastel blue cheese, and colorful fruits or vegetables like sliced carrots and bell peppers cut into starfish shapes.

Or create a space-themed board of astronaut ice cream bites surrounded by galaxy gummy bears, cheeses in different shapes and colors to represent planets, and skewers of rocket peppers with little foam UFO picks.

You might also want to create a board to celebrate a particular holiday. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, or Christmas, have fun decorating with fun snacks and treats for the kids.

kids charcuterie board

Tools For A Kids Charcuterie Board

Kids Charcuterie Set

Rimmed Charcuterie Board

Break Resistant Ramekins

Cookie Cutters

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies, try making a kid-friendly charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now, and they can be tailored to any taste. Plus, they’re really easy to make – even the kids can help!

Simply choose a few of your child’s favorite fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, crackers, and dips, and let them put it all together on a big plate or cutting board. Voila – instant charcuterie heaven for the whole family.

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