The Best Ideas For What To Put In A Memory Box

Capture those special moments in life with a personalized memory box! Memory boxes are great for preserving items that remind you of cherished family memories, beloved pets, milestones and other mementos from your past.

From photos to ticket stubs to keepsakes that evoke nostalgia and joy, there are many different ideas for what to put in a memory box. This list will help you find the inspiration you need to create the perfect mix of keepsakes.

how to create a memory box

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What Is A Memory Box?

A memory box is a special container that is used to hold small mementos, photographs, and items that are meaningful to its owner. They are a great way to store memories from special occasions such as weddings or graduations, or other milestones in life such as birthdays or the first day of school. A memory box can also be used to store things like ticket stubs from shows and movies, postcards from vacations, and old letters. It’s an excellent way to keep track of sentimental items that would otherwise get lost over time.

Memory boxes not only help preserve memories, but they also provide comfort for their owners. Looking through a memory box can evoke emotions and bring back happy memories that may have been forgotten over time. They can also be customized with personalized engravings or initials, making them one-of-a-kind keepsakes that can be passed down throughout generations.

They don’t have to be expensive and fancy; even a homemade version using cardboard boxes and decorative wrapping paper will do the job! No matter what kind you choose, it’s sure to bring joy for many years to come.

Types Of Memory Boxes

When it comes to creating memory boxes, there are two main types: those for a person and those for an event. A memory box for a person typically contains items that are meaningful to the individual, such as photographs, mementos from special occasions or trips, notes and letters, tickets from concerts or sporting events, artwork, and other small tokens that recall happy memories of their life. This type of box is designed to help preserve special moments and relationships in the recipient’s life.

A memory box created for an event is more similar to a scrapbook in that it includes photos and mementos from a particular occasion such as a wedding, graduation, or birthday party. These scrapbooks can also include quotes or sayings related to the event itself which make it possible to both remember the day itself but also the emotions attached with it.

Additionally they often contain invitations, thank-you cards, newspaper clippings and other items that document what happened on that day. For example if you were creating a memory box for your mom’s 50th birthday you could include photos of her during this time as well as any cards or gifts she received.

No matter what type you decide to create, it is important to make sure you choose meaningful memory box items. You may want to be selective about what goes into the box so that only the most special pieces are included – this will ensure that you have something really special to look back on when the time comes!

memory box ideas

How To Make A Memory Box

You first need to decide what type of memory box you are making. Is this for baby items? For travel memories? Figure out what the occasion is.

Once you decide the type you are making, you’ll need to gauge how many items you are including in your box. This will help determine the size of box you need. If I’m saving a few special items from my wedding, I only need a small to medium-sized box. But when I decide to make a memory box for my kids, I want something large to hold things for years to come.

Next, decide how you want your box to look. Do you want a simple plastic box with a lid for easy storage? Or do you want a nice, personalized wooden box that you can pass down through generations? For me, I just want an easy way to store items that are special to me, so I chose plastic bins. There are lots of memory box diy methods you can find online though to make your own unique box.

Now it’s time to include all of your special items. I’ve included lots of memory box ideas below, but feel free to include whatever items are important to you.

Lastly, make sure you store away your box safely and securely in a cool, dry place. This will ensure that your items remain protected and preserved for years to come.

What To Put In A Memory Box

When it comes to deciding what to put in a memory box, the possibilities are endless. Below are some ideas of items you may want to include in each type of box.

Baby Memory Box

  • Baby clothes – Baby clothes are special reminders of the baby’s early days. Keep baby’s first outfit, special outfits from family members or onesies with funny phrases.
  • Fabric from a baby blanket – Pick a few small swatches from baby blankets and include them in the memory box. This will help to preserve memories of snuggly comfort.
  • Birth announcement – Baby announcements are special documents that commemorate baby’s arrival into the world, so include them in the baby memory box.
  • Hospital bracelet – Baby’s hospital bracelet is an important keepsake to include in the memory box. This will remind parents of baby’s first few days of life and the joy of baby’s arrival.
  • Ultrasound picture(s) – Include a few pictures from baby’s ultrasounds in the baby memory box. It will be a wonderful memento to look back on when baby is older.
  • Footprints – Baby’s footprints are tiny and precious, so preserve them by putting them in the baby memory box.
  • Hospital hat – Baby’s hospital hat is a symbol of baby’s first few days of life and a sweet reminder of those special moments.
  • Photos – Photos from baby’s first few weeks and months are perfect for the baby memory box. Photos of baby with family members, at holidays, or baby’s first birthday will bring back beautiful memories.
  • Baby bookBaby books are a great way to document baby’s first year of life and they make wonderful keepsakes.
  • Newspaper article from day they were born – What better way to document baby’s first day than with a special newspaper article? Cut out the article and place it in baby’s memory box.
  • Favorite toy – It’s always fun to remember what your baby enjoyed playing with in the early days.
  • Baby shower invitation or cards – Baby shower invitations and cards can be precious memories, reminding you of the joy and anticipation your baby brought.
baby memory box

Wedding Memory Box

  • Wedding invitation – The wedding invitation is a great memento to keep in the wedding memory box. It’s a reminder of the wedding day and all the excitement leading up to it.
  • Wedding program – Many couples create wedding programs with wedding details, including quotes, wedding party member names, and religious readings. Keeping a copy of the wedding program in your wedding memory box will be a great way to look back on your wedding day.
  • Copy of wedding vows – Keeping a copy of the wedding vows that were exchanged on your wedding day is an important way to remember your commitment to each other. Writing down and keeping the wedding vows can be a beautiful reminder of your love for one another.
  • Champagne glasses – Toasting with champagne glasses is one of the wedding traditions. Keeping a pair of the wedding champagne glasses in your wedding memory box is a great way to remember those special moments on your wedding day.
  • Wedding album or book – Creating and keeping a wedding album or book with photos from the wedding day is one of the most special items couples can have in their wedding memory box. Looking back at wedding photos and remembering the day will be a lasting reminder of your wedding celebration.
  • Cake topper – Keeping the wedding cake topper in the wedding memory box is another fun way to remember the wedding day. It’s also a great keepsake for future generations to look back on.
  • Cards – It’s common for wedding guests to bring cards with their wedding gifts. Keeping the wedding cards in your wedding memory box is a great way to remember those who were there to share in your special day.
  • Dried flowers – Dried wedding flowers are a beautiful way to remember the wedding day, especially for wedding bouquets that are too delicate to keep. Dried wedding flowers can be kept in the wedding memory box for many years and will bring back cherished memories of your wedding day.
  • Ring bearer pillow – The ring bearer’s pillow is a wedding tradition that many couples now treasure as a wedding keepsake. Keeping the wedding ring bearer pillow in your wedding memory box is a great way to remember your wedding day.
  • Honeymoon keepsakes – Honeymoons are a special way for couples to celebrate their marriage, and honeymoon keepsakes can be included in wedding memory boxes. These can include tickets, maps, and other souvenirs from the trip that will bring back memories of your wedding celebration.
wedding memory box

Graduation Memory Box

  • Graduation cap & tassel – These items are an essential part of graduation and can be put in the graduation memory box as a reminder of your hard work leading up to graduation.
  • Diploma or certificate of achievement – This document is significant because it marks your success and should be included in the graduation memory box to signify how far you have come.
  • Cards – Graduation is a special day to be celebrated and cards can be included in the graduation memory box to remind you of all the people who wanted to help celebrate your graduation with you.
  • Photos – Photos are a great way to document the graduation event and all the people who came to celebrate your amazing achievement.
  • Special awards – Graduation certificates, graduation cords, and graduation pins are all special symbols of your graduation journey and should be included in the graduation memory box to signify your accomplishments.
  • Graduation announcement – This is the official statement of graduation and should also be included in the graduation memory box.
graduation memory box

Travel Memory Box

  • Maps – A great way to remember where you have been and to track your travel adventures.
  • Postcards – A fun way to capture the moments of your trip with colorful postcards from each place you visit.
  • Tickets from attractions visited – Keep tickets from special attractions or landmarks that you visited, so that you can look back on your travel memories for years to come.
  • Photographs taken on the trip – Photographs are a great way to remember the people and places you visited on your trip, so make sure you take lots of pictures for your travel memory box.
  • Travel journal – Write down your thoughts and experiences in a travel journal to help bring back memories of your journey.
  • Itinerary – Keep a record of the places you visited and activities you did during your travel.
  • Collectibles – Collect souvenirs or other special items that remind you of your travel experiences. You can keep them in your travel memory box and look back on them with fond memories.
travel memory box

Kids Memory Box

  • Artwork – Kids love to create artwork. Whether your child has a special drawing or painting from school, include it in the kids memory box.
  • Schoolwork – Include any projects or papers that your child is particularly proud of. This could be an essay, model, or other type of project they completed at school.
  • Awards and trophies – If your child earned any awards or trophies, put them in the kids memory box. Watching their accomplishments grow over time will be an incredible reminder of how far they have come.
  • Report cards – Include a copy of your child’s report cards from each year. These can be a great way to show progress year after year.
  • Favorite books – If your child has a favorite book, include it in the kids memory box. Having a physical copy of the book will make them feel connected to it for years to come and one they can even share with their kids.
  • Handprints – Have your child put their handprint on a piece of paper and include it in the kids memory box. This can be fun activity for kids to do and also a great way to remember how small they used to be!
  • Special notes or letters – Include any special notes, cards, and letters from family and friends that your child has received. Having these physical reminders of the love will mean more than anything else in the kids memory box.
  • Favorite blanket or stuffed animal – If your child has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, include it in the kids memory box. The comfort of these items can bring joy and happiness to kids for many years.
kids memory box

Adult Memory Box

  • Letters from family and friends – These can be old letters, cards, or notes you have kept throughout the years. Even if they are not written to you, save them as keepsakes of memories and moments shared with loved ones.
  • Cards – Cards from special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. are something to keep in your adult memory box. These cards can serve as reminders of past celebrations and are also great for scrapbooking.
  • Travel mementos – Save souvenirs from your travels in the adult memory box. Items like ticket stubs, postcards, keychains, or small trinkets you picked up along your journey all make great mementos of your adventures.
  • Yearbooks – Yearbooks are a fantastic way to remember your school days and the friends you made throughout your academic career. Whether it’s from high school or college, make sure to add them to your adult memory box for safekeeping.
  • Journals – Journals can be a great source of nostalgia when revisiting memories and experiences. Writing down your thoughts and reflections can help to process emotions and provide valuable insight into how you were feeling at the time.
  • Photos – Photos of important moments and special occasions are always nice to have as a reminder of that moment in time. Scrapbooking them with ticket stubs, cards, or programs from the event is also a nice touch.
  • Awards – Any awards or certifications you have earned throughout your adult life can be kept in your adult memory box as a reminder of your accomplishments and successes. It’s also a way to honor the hard work and dedication it took to achieve those goals.
adult memory box

Loved Ones Memory Box

  • Photos – Pictures of your loved one can provide comfort and are a great reminder of all the special moments you shared together.
  • Jewelry – Pieces of jewelry, such as rings or necklaces that belonged to your loved one can serve as tangible reminders of them.
  • Clothing – An item of clothing, such as a jacket or scarf, that was worn by your loved one is a meaningful way to remember them.
  • Items they loved – Place an item in the box that your loved one enjoyed, such as a favorite book or a hobby-related item.
  • Awards – Special awards and certificates earned by your loved one are important keepsakes to remember their accomplishments.
  • Newspaper clippings – Include any newspaper clippings of events or articles related to your loved one and their life. This can be from their younger days or from their funeral.
  • Funeral service sheet – This is a printed program from the funeral service, which will provide details on the speakers, music, order of service, and any other important information that was shared.
  • Cards – Personal cards from friends, family, and loved ones can provide comfort during a difficult time. Place them in the memory box to remember those who showed support.
loved ones memory box

What To Leave Out Of Your Memory Box

It is important to remember that some items may not be appropriate for a memory box, depending on the type and purpose. Certain items may have negative memories attached or evoke painful emotions. It is best to avoid including these in your memory box, as it could bring up unwanted feelings when revisiting the box in the future.

Additionally, you should avoid putting anything easily breakable or perishable in a memory box, such as food or liquids. These items can cause damage to the other items stored in the box, as well as attract bugs or mold which could ruin it.

Finally, you should avoid putting anything of significant value in your memory box. While sentimental items are important to include, any objects of great monetary value should be kept elsewhere for safekeeping.

Tips For Preserving Your Items

Preserving items in a box is an important part of keeping them safe and secure.

To start, make sure the box you are using to store your items is well-sealed and made from sturdy material.

Once the box has been selected, line it with tissue paper or bubble wrap, if needed, to cushion the items during transport and prevent any damage that could occur due to shifting around. You’ll also want to fill any empty spaces between objects with additional padding or crumpled newspaper to ensure that they remain securely in place inside the box.

Lastly, label any boxes with a description of their contents so that they can easily be identified in the future. Taking these steps will help ensure that your important items remain protected while being stored away in a box.

what to put in a memory box

Why You Should Create A Memory Box

Creating a memory box is a great way to preserve and celebrate special moments in life. It allows you to store mementos, photographs, and other keepsakes so that you can look back on them and remember the special times that have passed.

A memory box is not only useful for preserving memories, but it can also help keep life organized. It can be used to store important documents, cards, letters, newspaper clippings, photographs, video tapes and other items of sentimental value. By keeping all these items in one place, you’ll be able to quickly access whatever memento you’re looking for without having to search through drawers and closets full of clutter.

Having a physical reminder of happy moments, like a memory box filled with treasured keepsakes, can help lift spirits during difficult times. Memory boxes provide comfort in knowing that even when our lives may change drastically over time we still have access to those special moments stored away safely in our very own personalized container – the memory box!

Everyone’s memory box will be different, personal, and unique in its own way. No matter what you include in yours, the act of creating and preserving it serves an important purpose: reminding us of who we were and remembering special times in our life.

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