20 Awesome Games for Family Game Night!

My family loves games! Not just my husband and my kids- but my entire extended family. I remember playing board games with my siblings growing up, playing games all night on Christmas Eve, and tons of get-togethers with aunt, uncles, and cousins where the competitiveness was fierce.

There are so many different games to choose from. Today I’m sharing my top picks for an awesome Family Game Night. This list includes games that will appeal to all ages, even adults!

the best games for family game night

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How To Plan A Family Game Night

Take some time to create new memories with your family by having a family game night. A great way to bring the family closer together, have fun and learn from each other. It’s an event that everyone can enjoy, no matter their age or interests!

Planning a family game night is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

First, decide on the date and time of the event. Make sure to pick a day when everyone will be able to attend and have plenty of time for games.

Next, select the games you want to play. Consider picking games that appeal to all ages and interests within your family.

Finally, gather supplies such as board games, snacks, drinks, and any other items you’ll need.

Family Game Night Rules

Before you start playing the games, it’s important to set some ground rules. This will help ensure everyone has an enjoyable time no matter who wins or loses.

Start by deciding how many rounds of each game you’ll play and if there will be any time limits for each round.

Additionally, agree on the rules for each game and what happens when someone breaks them (such as taking back their move).

Finally, discuss appropriate behavior during the game, such as no cheating or name-calling.

girl playing game

Quick Note About Suggested Ages

Most board and party games have suggested age ratings listed on their boxes. Be sure to check them before purchasing so you know if they are suitable for your family members.

What works for my 7 year old might differ from your 7 year old. These are just suggestions– you know your own kids better than I do.

The important thing is to have fun. If a game seems too hard, or is stressful to play, put away it away, and try again another time.

Best Games For Families To Play Together

When it comes to choosing games for family game night, you want to pick options that everyone can enjoy. You’ve got the classics, like Monopoly and Uno, as well as new games I see coming out all the time. Just when I think I’ve found the perfect game, a new one appears that’s just as fun.

Take a look at the list below for some fresh ideas for your own family.

This first list consists of games my kids currently love playing. I would say they are ideal for ages ranging 3-6 years old.

  • The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game – This game is one of my personal favs! Each player will spin the spinner and pick up the matching acorn with your Squirrel Squeezer, placing it in the log, with a twists along the way. The first to collect 5 acorns wins!
  • Bible Go Fish – Go Fish is a classic, but I love this version. If we get a match, we read the sentence on the card, and it helps to reinforce God’s love for my kids.
  • Zingo – Another favorite of mine! I used to play this with the kids I nannied for and it was always a hit. It’s just as much fun now with my own kids 🙂
  • Pop The Pig – My MIL got this game for the kids and it’s super easy to play. It’s one of those games that’s more for the laughs than anything.
  • Hedbanz – Speaking of laughing- this game makes us all laugh! The kids absolutely love it and Kyle and I get a kick out of hearing what clues the kids give.
  • Perfection – Another classic that I think people forget about. This game is such a fun challenge, even for adults. This version includes all the pieces in 2 colors, so you can play multiple ways.

Next up- these are games my kids are getting for Christmas or ones I will be buying soon after. They would probably be best for ages 4-8 years old.

  • Hoot Owl Hoot! – This is probably the most requested game by my kids right now. It’s not competitive- but more a game to work together to win.
  • Outfoxed! – This is a new game that has awesome reviews. It’s a Whodunit type of game- trying to figure something out. I’m super excited to try it out!
  • Sequence & Sequence for Kids – Kyle and I used to play Sequence before we had kids. It’s a fun game of strategy- trying to get 5 chips in a row. I’m excited to try the kids version soon and then eventually the adult version as they get older.
  • Yahtzee & Yahtzee Jr. – Yahtzee was one of my favorite games to play with my mom. The Jr. version was introduced to me when I was nannying and I’m getting the Princess version for Reagan this Christmas. Excited to carry on this tradition with my own kids.
  • Simon – Try to repeat the patterns in this fun memory game! With lights and sounds, the sequences get more complicated as the game continues, creating a nice challenge for your kids.

Lastly- these games are for older kids and fun for adults too.

  • 25 Words or Less – This was a popular game for a few years when we played games with extended family at Christmas gatherings. Teams challenge each other, both trying to get their teams to guess words while saying the least amount of words themselves.
  • Phase 10 – We had so much fun playing this game on Christmas Eve when I was younger. We would sit around the table and have the best time with each other. It’s a Rummy-type card game with a twist! I also found this pack that includes 3 games: UNO / Phase 10 / Pic Flip Bundle. I plan to get the Bundle, as my kids love playing UNO at their grandparents house and I think Pic Flip would be fun to try out too.
  • Mad Gab – Omg- another favorite from my past! Teams work to decipher groups of unrelated words into real phrases before time runs out. You will have so much fun with this game.
  • Qwixx – This game was brought to my Favorite Things Party this year. It’s a quick-playing dice game and my friend, Julia, says they have a blast playing it. I’m excited to give this one a try.
kids charcuterie board

Family Game Night Snack Ideas

Snacks are essential for any party or gathering! When it comes to family game night snacks, try to pick something that’s quick and easy so you won’t get too distracted from the games.

You can get creative with a Kids Charcuterie Board or make it a theme night with fun snacks and drinks.

If you want to keep things simple- just order a pizza and keep the focus on the games!

More Fun Ideas

If you are looking for an interesting twist on classic board games- these Giant Editions look super fun. I came across Giant Sorry!Giant ClueGiant Candy Land. What a cool idea!

In addition to playing games, there are many ways to add even more fun and excitement to your family game night.

Consider making it a themed night with costumes and decorations or having an award ceremony at the end of the night for the winners! You can also make up creative challenges for each round of the game or have a scavenger hunt during intermissions.

With some planning and creativity, you’ll be sure to have a memorable family game night experience!

family game night

Hopefully you can add some of these board games to your list for family game night. With some planning, snacks, games, and creative ideas, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable night.

Remember to set some expectations before starting and take time to check age ratings for suggested game suitability. Enjoy your time together making memories that will last for years!

Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below.

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