5 Christian Advent Activities For Families

The holiday season is here and I am so excited to put up our tree this weekend! The holidays are filled with traditions and one of my favorites is the season of Advent and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. Today I’m sharing 5 Christian Advent Activities For Families.

These are all fun and meaningful ideas that the whole family can enjoy. I hope you find one that works for your own family 🙂

Christian Advent Activities For Families

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Christian Advent Activities For Families

The Giving Manger: A Christmas Family Tradition

I am so excited to try this out with my family for the first time this year. Each set contains a book, a wooden manger, a bundle of straw, and a Baby Jesus figure. You start things off by reading the included book, The Giving Manger.

Once you’ve read the story, place the empty manger somewhere in your home where it will be easily noticed. In the days leading up to Christmas, family members can place a piece of straw in the manger each time they perform a kind deed or act of service.

Filling the manger will become a fun experience for your family to look for ways to love and serve others. On Christmas Day, your family can place the Baby Jesus in the manger — now full of the straw that represents the acts of love and service done in honor of Jesus’ birth.

The Christmas Star From Afar Book & Playset

The Star from Afar is such a fun experience for kids, and a great way for families to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Every night the Star is hidden in the child’s home. The next morning the child will search until they locate it.

Once they have found their Star they move all Three Wise Men to the star’s location. The will repeat this over and over again until Christmas morning when the star will be found on top of the stable above baby Jesus!

25 Days of the Christmas Story: An Advent Family Experience

This family devotional looks so fun and simple. Each of the 25 days highlights a different person, place, or object from the Christmas story. All devotions include an easy-to-read story, character trait, activity, and more—each designed to reinforce the main theme of the day. Perfect for all types of families!

Lifebeats Nativity Magnetic Advent Calendar with a Daily Family Activity Booklet

An Advent calendar with activities and magnets?! Yes please! Families can use this set as a meaningful countdown to Christmas with daily activities to enjoy. I think younger children would especially like this set, as a way to interact and play.

Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story Nativity Set

This is one of my favorite purchases that my children play with year-round. Perfect for little ones who might not yet understand the Christmas story, and useful as they grow and begin to learn. Highly recommend this one!

Hopefully one of these sets will make this Advent season a memorable one for you and your family. I know I’m excited to celebrate with my own family 🙂 However you choose to celebrate- I hope this season is filled with hope and love.

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