The Best DIY Christmas Party Games

Like many families, we have our own Christmas traditions, and one of those is playing games! Growing up, we always played games on Christmas Eve. It was usually a new card game or board game, and then different variations of poker as we got older. Over the last few years, we’ve switched over to making up our own DIY Christmas Party Games and we have so much fun!

Today I’m sharing a list of party games that you can do with your own family and friends. Some of them you may have heard of, some might be brand new to you. Either way- I hope these game ideas help to create fun memories with those you love.

christmas party games

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Christmas Party Games

The Ultimate 25 Days of Christmas Tree

This is the game I created for my family in Ohio last year. I am doing it again this year, but can’t share that version for obvious reasons (they might cheat- lol). This includes my parents, siblings, and older nieces, split into teams of two.

Each team will take turns choosing a number on the tree. That number corresponds to a question or activity on my sheet of paper. I like to have a mixture of things to do, so I’ve broken it into trivia, name the song, and then 3 activities.

Stack the cups is a race to stack solo cups like a tree. Complete the puzzle is taking a Christmas picture and cutting it into squares for them to put together like a puzzle. Marshmallow toss is tossing mini marshmallows in the other person’s mouth in a certain amount of time. You can do whatever you want for these activities!

I also have 2 Challenge questions, which just means that team gets to challenge one other team to a stand-off question. I plan to give prizes throughout the game, but you can manage this however works best for you. I am aware this seems like a LOT, lol, but it’s super easy and so much fun!

christmas trivia

Christmas Family Feud

I absolutely LOVE playing Family Feud. My dad even made me a giant board to use (which is so cool and I’ll share another time). This is a great game to play with a large group of people and this printout from Etsy is a perfect Christmas edition.


Christmas Emoji Songs

Games that include guessing the Emojis have become very popular over the last couple years. I haven’t seen this one yet, but I already think I know a few of the answers! This printable is from Etsy and would be perfect to use for a simple game.


Ornament Guessing

This is such an easy party game if you are hosting a larger crowd. Once everyone arrives, give them a slip of paper and ask them to guess the number of ornaments on your tree. You may want to give a time limit for this, so they don’t actually go around counting them, lol. The closest guess wins a prize!

christmas tree with ornaments

Candy Cane Hunt

Think Easter Egg Hunt, but with Candy Canes! Hide candy canes all around the house, or outside, and begin the search. This would be a fun game for the kids to play, but adults could have fun with it too.

candy cane hunt

Saran Wrap Ball

This might be the funniest game to watch, but the most frustrating game to play, lol. Start by gathering small gifts, such as gift cards, chapstick, candy, etc. Begin wrapping one gift in saran wrap. Tear the saran wrap and add 1-2 more layers in between gifts. This will make it a little more difficult as people play. As you wrap the ball, add in more gifts one at a time, wrapping tightly with the saran wrap, until all gifts are in a giant ball.

When you are ready to play, have all players sit in a circle. One person will begin with the ball and the player after them will have two dice. The player with the dice must roll until they get a pair of the same number. While they are rolling, the person with the ball tries to unwrap the saran wrap, claiming as many gifts as they can. Once someone rolls a pair, they get the ball and the dice are passed to the next person. This process continues around the circle until all gifts are claimed.

christmas party saran wrap ball game

Alright- that’s a WRAP! (see what I did there- Saran WRAP ball- lol). Anyways- there’s your list of DIY Christmas Party Games you can play with family and friends this holiday season. I hope it’s filled with lots of love and laughter 🙂

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