The Best Study Bibles For Women To Grow Deeper In Faith

As a woman of faith, you understand the importance of growing deeper in your relationship with God. A big part of that is studying His Word and gaining a deeper understanding of what it says. And what better way to do that than with a study Bible specifically designed for women?

Women’s study Bibles are becoming more and more popular as women look for resources that will help them grow in their faith. But with so many different translations and editions on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best study Bibles for women. These options will help you dive deep into Scripture and grow in your faith like never before!

Before we take a look at some of the best study Bibles for women, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. What is the difference between a women’s study Bible and a regular study Bible? What features should I look for when choosing a study Bible? Which translation works best for me? All of these are important questions when starting your search.

questions to ask when researching the best study bibles for women

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What Is A Women’s Study Bible?

A women’s study Bible is a Bible that has been specifically designed for women. It typically includes features that are geared towards helping women better understand and apply the Scriptures to their lives. Some common features of women’s Bibles include:

  • Study notes written by female Bible scholars
  • Devotional readings and prayers that speak to our unique gifts and challenges
  • Artwork and illustrations that are feminine and uplifting
  • Special attention on female characters of the Bible

Why Do I Need A Women’s Study Bible?

A Women’s Study Bible offers a wealth of insight, guidance, and support for female Christians navigating their faith. This special edition of the Bible provides explanations, meditations, and teachings tailored to how women experience faith both within themselves and as part of a tradition of prayer and worship.

By focusing specifically on distinctions within stories of Christianity as they affect women, this unique Bible is an invaluable tool for all women seeking to deepen their understanding and connection with God.

Additionally, by offering female interpretations of scripture and helping readers apply those interpretations to their daily lives, a Women’s Study Bible ultimately allows for greater self-reflection and personal growth that is integral for individuals looking to find a more meaningful engagement with their faith.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Women’s Study Bible?

When it comes to selecting a women’s study Bible, there are several important factors to consider. The first is understanding your own particular needs. Ask yourself what type of resources you are looking for such as tools to help you interpret scripture, insights into the lives of biblical women, or devotional readings on specific topics.

You want to look into the design and layout of the Bible–is the font easy to read? Is there a journaling feature or plenty of room to make notes?

Find out if there are helpful study aids included like maps and charts for historical context, an index for quick referencing, concordance entries for cross-referencing Scriptures, or devotionals created just for women.

It also may be beneficial to research customer reviews from trustworthy sources to see what other’s experiences were with a certain version or brand.


The layout of a Bible can be important, especially if you plan to use it for study. Look for a study Bible that has plenty of space between the lines if you like to take notes. Pay attention to the how the words appear if you find it particularly hard to read small print. Also- look for a Bible with a good table of contents and index so you can easily find passages you are looking for.

Study Notes

Many women’s Bibles include study notes written by female Bible scholars. These notes can be helpful in understanding the Scriptures and applying them to your life. If you are looking for a Bible with lots of study notes, be sure to check the features list before purchasing.

Devotional Material

A women’s study Bible also include devotional readings and prayers. This can be a great way to start your day or end it on a positive note. Many devotionals are written by women who have experienced victory in their lives, so they can offer encouragement and hope. Others can help you to reflect on the Scriptures that you have read and how to apply them to challenges you may face.

Illustrations and Artwork

Illustrations and artwork that is feminine and uplifting can be a great way to add visual interest to your reading. A women’s study Bible might highlight different women in the Bible that can be inspiring to you.

Charts, Maps & Timelines

Some women’s Bibles also include charts, maps, and timelines. This can be helpful in studying the Bible. For example, if you are studying a particular passage, you can use a chart to see how it relates to other passages. Or, if you are studying the history of Israel, you can use a map to follow along.

Which Bible Translation Is Right For Me?

There are many different translations of the Bible available, so it is important to choose one that is easy for you to understand. If you are not familiar with biblical Hebrew or Greek, we recommend choosing a translation that uses common English words. The following are some of our favorite translations for women:

  • The New International Version (NIV)
  • The English Standard Version (ESV)
  • The King James Version (KJV)

Do a little research and then decide which Bible translation feels best to you.

What Are The Best Study Bibles For Women?

NIV, The Women’s Study Bible: Receiving God’s Truth for Balance, Hope, and Transformation

This NIV Women’s Study Bible is the perfect tool for women who want to delve deeper into God’s Word, inviting them to receive God’s truth for balance, hope, and transformation. This full-color Bible contains over 300 in-text articles from top female scholars on topics relevant to Christian women today. The notes cover a wide range of topics, from marriage and motherhood to spiritual growth and discipleship. The NIV Women’s Study Bible also includes detailed biographical portraits of over 100 biblical women, and a notes section at the bottom of each page offers additional commentary and references. Cross-references, a concordance, and full indexes make finding information quick and easy.


ESV Women’s Study Bible

This Bible was created for women who want to dig deeper into God’s Word, and who want to apply Scripture’s life-changing truth to everyday life. With 13,000+ notes tailored specifically for women, this Bible includes devotionals from some of the best-known and loved women authors, including Jen Wilkin, Lauren Chandler, Ann Voskamp, and more. The ESV Women’s Study Bible also features introductions to each book of the Bible written by respected female scholars and a comprehensive concordance.


CSB She Reads Truth Bible

This Bible was created for women who want to know the truth about God, themselves, and their world. The CSB She Reads Truth Bible is rooted in the conviction that God’s Word is living, active, and true—and it’s designed to help you discover the truth for yourself. With nearly 200 devotionals and reading plans for every book, this Bible will equip you to better understand Scripture and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


Everyday Matters Bible for Women

This Bible is for busy women who want to cultivate a richer, more meaningful relationship with God. The Everyday Matters Bible for Women was created with you in mind, offering daily readings that are concise and relevant, as well as prayers and space to write down your thoughts. It features twenty-four disciplines, each one explored in four ways, that give us the strength to do those things that we can’t do on our own. You will be encouraged to slow down and connect with God in the midst of your busy life, making every day fuller and deeper.


NIV, Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women: Insights for Everyday Life

The NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women offers you 366 days of inspiration and hope straight from God’s Word. This beautiful, full-color Bible is packed with insights from bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst that will help you apply Scripture to your everyday life. Each day’s reading includes a brief devotional, a Scripture passage, and more verses to explore. The NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women also includes helpful notes and references throughout, making it easier to find a peaceful balance in a fast-paced world.


NIV, Journal the Word Bible for Women

This Bible is for women who want to deepen their relationship with God and record their spiritual journey. The NIV Journal the Word Bible for Women features a unique design that allows you to keep track of your thoughts, prayers, and reflections as you read. Plus, it includes over 400 cross-references to help you study Scripture in depth, book introductions, and a concordance to help you find passages quickly and easily.


CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible

Women everywhere, meet your new best friend: the CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible! Full of helpful devotions, articles, word studies, and character profiles – this Bible is designed to provide a deeper insight into your faith journey. The beautiful gray/mint LeatherTouch cover provides an inviting touch as you turn the pages to explore Scripture. This single-column, wide-margin Bible offers a modern, easy-to-read serif typeface that is comfortable on the eyes for extended reading periods.


The Study Bible for Women: HCSB Large Print Edition

Introducing The Study Bible for Women: HCSB Large Print Edition – your one-stop shop for diving into the rich beauty of God’s Word! Get ready to be moved by His presence like never before when you get started with engaging and thoughtfully-crafted threads of specialized study, crafted to help deepen your understanding of His truths. This large print edition helps keep your eyes feeling rested and relaxed while you spend hours studying and reflecting upon the spiritual depth within these pages.


CSB Study Bible For Women

Are you a woman looking to dive even deeper into the Bible? Then the CSB Study Bible for Women is exactly what you need! This revolutionary and comprehensive study Bible has been specifically crafted to empower women of all ages to engage more fully with Scripture. With both in-depth notes and helpful articles written by women who are academically trained in the original biblical languages, this unique Bible offers unique insights that can change the way you approach scripture forever.


The New Women of Color Study Bible

This edition was created specifically to provide today’s Women of Color with a touchstone of inspiration and encouragement. Enjoy all the features that made the original 1st edition so respected and popular—with added updates and special content! With this Bible in hand, you’ll never feel unprepared for an upcoming lesson or challenged by an unfamiliar passage. Elevate your perspective on life as you explore the depths of scriptural wisdom through a specially tailored lens. Whether it’s the power of prayer at a job interviews, the true meaning behind Saint Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians, or simply just taking time out for yourself—the New Women of Color Study Bible will leave you feeling inspired, fortified, and stronger than ever before!


NLT THRIVE Devotional Bible for Women

Understanding His Word should be a priority in our lives – this Bible will help make it straightforward and personal. Bestselling author and beloved speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd has devoted over 30 years of her ministry to helping women embrace God’s plan for their flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives. The THRIVE Bible combines penetrating advice with daily devotions from Scripture, making it easier than ever to stay focused on your faith journey. This unique devotional Bible makes it easy for every woman to connect not just with the word of God but also with the heart of God – enabling them to discover fresh insight into what it looks like to thrive as they surrender each day into hands of grace.


Study Bible for Women: 52-Week Theme Based Scripture Readings

Are you a modern working woman, who sometimes feels overwhelmed by life? Does it feel like spiritual growth is often pushed to the side? This Study Bible for Women: 52-Week Theme Based Scripture Readings is here to help. With this convenient and refreshing approach, you can learn invaluable lessons from the word of God in a way that fits into your busy schedule.


KJV Cross Reference Study Bible

Explore the timeless beauty of Scripture like never before with Barbour’s special KJV Cross Reference Study Bible — now available in a women’s edition! This powerful Bible provides helpful insight into God’s word with 6,500 notes drawn from the Layman’s Bible Commentary and 25,000 additional cross references. Its cloth-like cover makes the Study Bible feel comfortable and inviting.


NIV The Busy Mom’s Bible: Daily Inspiration Even If You Only Have One Minute

Are you a busy mom finding it hard to make time for daily devotions? Look no further than the NIV Busy Mom’s Bible! With its compact, go-anywhere design, this leathersoft Bible is perfect for women on-the-go. Read inspirational passages anywhere, anytime in just one minute – allowing you to make time for spiritual nourishment even in your hectic schedule.


NIV Rainbow Study Bible

While not specific to women, this Bible will surely fit into the minds of women everywhere. This amazing, best-selling study guide is specifically designed to provide an incredible color-coding system that allows readers to identify twelve major themes and words directly spoken by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit throughout the entire Bible. Whether you’re searching for insights into family matters, trying to overcome sin or forge ahead on a path of discipleship and faith, this beautiful tool offers powerful assistance.


CSB Apologetics Study Bible

Another Bible not specific to women, this study Bible is one I am currently reading to develop a deeper understanding of apologetics. I believe all women should feel confident to dive deep into what they believe. This Bible is packed with readings and articles from today’s leading apologists so that you are guided in a better understanding and defense of your beliefs. In an age of moral and spiritual relativism, it’s more important than ever to be able to assert and defend our faith.


Helpful Accessories & Commentaries

Investing in a quality women’s study Bible can make all the difference when it comes to strengthening your understanding of scripture. To help you along your journey, consider investing a few helpful accessories and commentaries that will increase the impact of your Bible study.

My Favorite Accessories For Studying The Bible


This set of four ultra fine pens has everything you need – tip size of 0.25mm, fast dry ink that won’t smudge or bleed, and black ink that flows smoothly and consistently to create beautiful lettering and artwork. I love these pens!


Are you a fan of highlighting Bible verses but hate when your highlighter bleeds through the page? Same! These highlighters will keep everything looking nice and neat and they are just too pretty not to have. I love the soft chisel tip design and the assortment of colors.


Sticky tabs make things so much easier when organizing Bible verses. This set comes with 920 pieces that allow you to categorize them quickly and efficiently. The thick writable tab markers come in set colors which add even more convenience when it comes to organizing. Plus, they’re transparent so text underneath can still be read clearly.


Transform your quiet time and study of the Bible into a memorable spiritual journey with this beautiful Bible journal from Christian Art Gifts. The rustic yet modern design of the cover creates a timeless look sure to be loved by any woman seeking God’s will in her life.

Another essential item is a concordance – an alphabetized list of words or phrases found in the Bible with their corresponding Scripture reference. The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is a valuable tool for women as they study the Bible.

Also, don’t overlook commentaries that contain insights into deeper biblical concepts as well as application suggestions for life-change. The Tony Evans Bible Commentary: Advancing God’s Kingdom Agenda includes an introduction to each Bible book followed by passage-by-passage exposition of the entire Bible by Dr. Tony Evans. In addition, there is a special front matter section with introductory resources.

Do Study Bibles Help You Understand The Bible Better?

A study Bible has the potential to greatly enhance your understanding of the Bible. With facing page commentary and other resources, such Bibles provide insights into the meaning and significance of what is being taught in scripture.

They provide helpful contextual background on difficult terms or concepts that might otherwise be missed. This makes it easier to dive into challenging topics without getting overwhelmed by unfamiliar details.

Furthermore, these kinds of Bibles were designed with the specific purpose of aiding readers in their break-down and analyses of biblical texts; this means someone with limited theological training will still be able to get a great deal out of using a study Bible.

Should I Join A Bible Study Group To Understand The Bible Better?

Joining a Bible study group can be a great way to understand the Bible better and strengthen your spiritual knowledge. In a study group, you’ll be able to ask questions about interpretations and meanings that may not have crossed your mind.

You’ll benefit from discussing the Bible with other individuals who may have different theological points of view, which can ultimately lead to more enlightened thinking and greater understanding of the text. There’s no better feeling than learning from and engaging with others while strengthening your own faith journey.

If you’re wondering if joining a Bible study group is right for you, don’t hesitate to give it a shot! You never know what kind of insights or revelations may come out of your journey as you dig deeper into God’s Word.

How Can I Pray For Guidance As I Study God’s Word?

When feeling conflicted or uncertain in our faith journey, prayer is ultimately the best way to find guidance and answers. Praying for direction from the Lord to help us better understand His Word can be done in a few simple ways.

First, take some time to speak humble and honest words of appreciation for God’s guidance into your life so far. Secondly, express any confusion you may have concerning scripture and ask for insight into areas where more clarity is needed. Lastly, end your prayer with a heartfelt request for Holy Spirit led discernment as you learn more about God through His Word.

By taking these steps each day as we continue on our path towards an even greater appreciation of Jesus’ teaching, we can be sure that God will guide us if we are willing to listen.

As you research these different options, keep in mind that a study Bible should not replace the word of God, but instead aid you in your Bible reading. The best women’s study Bibles will have features that are tailored specifically for you, and they will help you to better understand the scriptures and how to apply them to your life. Consider what is important to you when making your selection, and then choose one that will help you grow in your faith.

Do you have a favorite women’s study Bible? I’d love to know!

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