The Messy Leprechaun – St. Patrick’s Day Fun For Kids

St. Patricks Day is upon us and it’s one of my favorite holidays. I usually come up with some pretty simple activities for the kids. We grab some Irish food and green beer right up the street from our house. And of course we have all the fun accessories we’ve gathered over the years.

But my favorite part about this holiday is The Messy Leprechaun!

Every mom loves to make each holiday special for her kids, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. Whether your family celebrates the holiday or not, what better way to bring some luck of the Irish into your home than with a visit from a leprechaun? Follow these easy steps to stage a magical leprechaun visit that your children are sure to remember!

the messy leprechaun activities

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How To Stage A Leprechaun Visit This St. Patrick’s Day!

Let’s face it, what would a leprechaun visit be without some mischief?

Have fun moving around furniture or toys in the room as if he was looking for something he couldn’t find. Or make a big mess in the bathroom. Just use your imagination and have fun with it; you never know what kind of shenanigans he’ll get into while he’s visiting!

the messy leprechaun kids outfits

Messy Leprechaun Ideas

Creating a mess from a leprechaun visit can be as easy or hard as you want it to be—the key is to just let your imagination run wild and have some fun! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Messy Bathroom – Create a mess by unrolling some toilet paper, squeezing out a little toothpaste on the counter, and turning the toilet water green.
  2. Footprints – Use white paint or flour to make tiny footprints leading in various directions around your house – it’ll look like he was running everywhere!
  3. Crumbs & Wrappers – Leave out bits of food wrappers and crumbs on countertops and floors as if he had snacked on his way through your house.
  4. Rainbows – Hang up colorful streamers from doorways and windows for an instant rainbow effect that will bring life into any room!
  5. Hats & Clothing Items – Find creative ways to hang hats, scarves, gloves, glasses anywhere in your home for a whimsical touch that will surely spark conversation amongst guests who come over during this magical time period!
  6. Furniture Re-arrangement – The Leprechaun may have moved furniture around while passing through; create a comical scene by moving chairs, tables and sofas into seemingly impossible positions like balancing one atop another or upside down against walls etc…
  7. Change Food & Drinks – You can put some green food coloring in the milk or dye the some eggs green for breakfast.
st patricks day fun for kids

Leave Behind Gifts

Every good visitor leaves behind something special for their hosts, and your little leprechaun should be no exception. Leave behind small gifts like chocolates, coins, or even a four-leaf clover! The gifts don’t have to be extravagant; just something special that they will enjoy finding when they wake up in the morning.

Whatever you decide, it’s nice to also leave a little note for the kids to read from the leprechaun. Your note might say something like:

“Sorry I left a big mess! I was trying to (insert whatever works for your type of mess). If you can help clean it up, I’ve got a special surprise waiting for you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Super simple. And the kids will love it!


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